The equipment is batch type induction furnace, mainly used in tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, polysilicon material, calcium carbide, Rare earth oxide, radiation proof

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  • 2019管家婆最准的资料_Silicon tube sintering

    Silicon tube sintering

    2300c silicon tube test

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  • 2019管家婆最准的资料_Boron carbide sintering

    Boron carbide sintering

    boron carbide sintering furnace

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  • 2019管家婆最准的资料_PI film heat treatment

    PI film heat treatment

    PI film high temperature heat treatment

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  • 2019管家婆最准的资料_Graphite powder heat treatment

    Graphite powder heat treatment

    2850c graphite graphitization

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  • 2019管家婆最准的资料_Graphite paper heat treatment

    Graphite paper heat treatment

    2850c graphite paper heat treatment

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  • 2019管家婆最准的资料_Silicon parts sintering

    Silicon parts sintering

    2500c silicon parts sintering

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  • 2019管家婆最准的资料_Silicon carbide powder test

    Silicon carbide powder test

    silicon carbide powder test in our sintering furnace of 2300c

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